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Moth Plant

Moth plant is an aggressive vine species which can become dominant in many environments if left uncontrolled. Being a prolific seeder it is able to establish in a range of environments and in no time at all it can compete with, and dominate native plant species. If this is not enough, the seeds of the plant are poisonous and the sap from the stems can act as a skin irritant in certain people.

Moth plant is easily identifiable through the months of December to May when the plant develops clusters of small creamy coloured tubular flowers. These flowers produce spongy fruit which will contain around 500 seeds attached to silky threads. These seeds once exposed to the elements are easily dispersed by wind or on items of clothing.


To help stop the spread of this invasive species it is important that we reduce the likelihood of the seed spreading. If you see any of the fruit, put on your gloves and carefully remove it from the vine and dispose of safely. Remember not to come in contact with the sap. Once the fruit has been disposed of you can then cut the stems of the vine as close to the ground as possible and apply a suitable chemical to the stump. Leave the vines to die back.  Monitor the area on a regular basis and hand-pull any new vines trying to remove as much of the root system as possible to prevent establishment.

For further advice NZBSL can be contacted using the Contact Us page on this site.


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